• Area: tokyo
  • Type of industry: apparel / production

Building something that is not still in a world is continued. I think that it is a mission as an innovator.

Tiemco, Inc.

the representative director president Seiichi Sakai


1969 Tokyo native. 1991, the Meiji Gakuin University department-of-economics graduation. Tiemco Entrance into a company which the father and the business partner established through OA trading company service in 1992. It takes part in Securities Dealers Association of Japan (present JASDAQ) listing, and will achieve presentation in 1996. It will continue table president assumption of office and now in the 2011s.

  • 竿から衣料品に至るまで、

    当社はフィッシング用品の輸出入・製造販売会社として1966年に創業しました。その後、フライフィッシングのロッド(竿)、リーダークリッパー(糸切専用鋏)、毛鉤用浮力材などのオリジナル製品の開発を行ってきました。1982年にはFoxFireに代表されるアウトドア衣料事業にも進出し、当社は竿から衣料品に至るまで、すべてのフライフィッシング用品を扱う企業となっています。 フライフィッシングは非常にゲーム性が高く、それゆえにプレイヤーは道具に対しても強いこだわりを持っていますので、我々サプライヤーは潜在化しているプレイヤーのニーズをどうやって掘り起こしていくかが重要になります。プレイヤーに受け入れられ、満足する製品を提供するために、我々はイノベーター(先駆者)でなければならないと思っています。

  • ユーザーとして貪欲だからこそ、


  • たった一人を想像して想いを込める。


  • The only company which deals with all the fly articles from a pole to clothing.

    Our company inaugurated an enterprise in 1966 as the export and import and a manufacturing-and-selling company of a fishing article. Then, original products, such as a rod (pole) of fly-fishing, a leader clipper (scissors only for 糸切), and a floating buoyant material for 毛鉤, have been developed. Advancing also to the outdoor garments enterprise represented by FoxFire in 1982, our company is a company handling all the fly-fishing articles from a pole to clothing. Game nature of fly-fishing is very high, and since the player so has a strong prejudice also to the tool, it becomes important how we the suppliers dig up the needs of the potentiality-ized player. In order to be accepted in a player and to offer the product to satisfy, we think that we must be innovators (pioneer).

  • Just because it is avaricious as a user, An innovative product can be developed.

    Although it is easy to say by the mouth, "It becomes an innovator", even if it proposes the epoch-making goods which do not generally exist in a market yet, since 7?80 percent of a human being is a commonsense human being, isn't it hard to pass along the idea which edge heard by plan meeting? The last settles in a safe line or becomes following the other company. Since the human being of happy our company is an angler (user) and his intensity is naturally also strong before the position of business or development, he steamrollers and lets a plan pass in many cases (smile). But the goods of our company which brought innovation to the market when thought are what most did so and was borne by "the plan which has broken through the wall."

  • Only one person is imagined and a thought is put. Product development is like writing a love letter.

    In the spring of 2013, our company newly started the label "airista" (air リスタ), through the development period of two years. Although this was the full-scale outdoor wear which attained the weight saving thoroughly, it was scrupulous on the occasion of development, of course, a design and the quality of the material "pursue thoroughly that which Mr. four-corners Daisuke who is a producer thinks "is this"" to the methods of sewing. I think that a product is the same as a love letter in fact, and the direction which considered and made only the partner's thing will not reach the heart in order to be popular with everybody. "airista" is the challenge of whether our prejudice reaches a player splendidly. A market called fly-fishing may not be a huge market. But therefore, a satisfactory product can be offered, and it is strongly realizable if the product which one developed makes life of the player rich. The feeling is the starting point of our company, and I think that it is an eternal theme.

company data

  • Plan development of Tiemco, Inc. / date-of-foundation December 1, 1969 fishing , and an outdoor related article, export and import, manufacture, and sale
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